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Doe Showcase     The Capriole herd stems from 2 Venter-bred does purchased in Canada in 1996, Magnum Karit and Magnum Impi, and 4 Venter bucks with the 'Magnum' herdname.    We started bringing in new bloodlines in 2001, while trying to hang on to what we had to start with.  

Most of the does will trace back to our first full blood Capriole doe, Capriole's Kal's Impact **Ennobled**.


The doe herd usually numbers about 100 head, not including the current kid crop.   All are full blood.   Many of these girls can come straight off the pasture and go into the show ring.   We do not pamper our goats, and expect them to perform much like a commercial doe.                 


Dam:     Capriole's J. Passion  

490 ABGA pts  


Daughter:      Capriole's Passion's Pride 

255 ABGA pts  


Dam:   Capriole's F. Dazzle

35 ABGA progeny points


Daughter:   Capriole's Razzle Dazzle

30 ABGA points

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